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SaaS & Cloud Computing

Software as a service (SaaS) is on the most recent development in the arena of software development which has revolutionized the world of Information technology. There are numerous benefits of SaaS applications like lower cost of installation, zero maintenance cost and non requirement of additional staff. These benefits have made SaaS applications and cloud computing to be preferred over traditional methods of web application development.

We at VEO keeps ourselves updated with all the latest trends in the market and ready to deliver you what is best for your business. Our implementation of SaaS and cloud computing are the latest example for this. The demand for SaaS is increasing at an exponential rate of 25% per annum. We have a dedicated team of professionals who specialized in developing and maintaining SaaS based applications. VEO exploits the application of cloud computing and it helps the client to quickly increase its capacity without investing in extra resources or buying licensed software.

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