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The universal nature of the Symbian operating system has seen it being preferred by major brands. Nokia, being a leading brand in phone making has also endorsed this operating system for its models. It is secure and the best option for the handsets that are either 3G or 2.5G enabled. This thus requires that those in need of the services of a Symbian application developer should be able to establish if the candidate's skills are employable in the following fields;

  • GenX animation display and fantastic clear display for game applications
  • Multimedia application for audio or video, editing and recording
  • Hi-tech quality and multiplayer games plus system tools for all phones that are Symbian
  • Podcasting and Live streaming application for the operating systems that are Symbian in nature
  • Developing diverse screen applications and memory Symbian phones
  • Bluetooth, GPS and infrared based applications

All this are usually the characteristics that are usually possessed by the Symbian application developers got via the Virtualemployees.com site. The advantages meant to be experienced by those who get their developers from India will be;

  • Cut costs of managing the Symbian application developers. This is usually due to the fact that the Virtual employees firm offers outsourcing services.
  • There is also the saving on office space
  • Use of commonly available software
  • Infrastructure
  • Hardware
  • Technical support
  • Employment tax, labour, law and insurance

Hiring a Symbian application developer has also been made even easier. The Virtualemployees.com site is the easiest of options. The site requires that those interested state their requirements of their employees of choice. The Indian firm will then pre-screen the list and short list preferable candidates that will meet their clients' specifications. The chosen will then be interviewed online by their prospect employers. This way, the employer will settle for nothing short of the developer that will suit the job that they will be required to deliver on.

The Virtual employees firm has its HR executives and managers. These are usually meant to facilitate that the employer's terms and conditions are adhered to the latter. There is also the IT technological advancement that puts India above the rest. Through the existing online means, the employer is able to supervise, monitor and assign work to their Symbian application developers while offshore. The developers will also be able to adhere to the set hours of work that the employer will have dictated. The employer through the HRs will have been able to be where he or she should be to exercise their supervisory role.

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