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The android system has become expansively popular among the masses due to the fact that it is in use within tablets computers as well as smart phones. They are made readily available to those requiring them by the mere possibility of them being able to simply download them. It may either be through the easiest option of accessing it through the Google play or opting for the relatively longer option of the third party. The system has more than enough applications that makes it more of a must have for the vast population that have smart phones and alternative computing tablets. This in turn has made the demand for the Android developers. Many of these have sprouted from all walks of life without acquiring any professionalism. The virtual employees firm via its site, the virtualemployees.com, is the best there is in providing the best. The firm has a staff of dedicated professional Android developers who meet up to their employers series of requirements. The Android developers have the following skills that have been impacted on them to make them skilled professionals of their own kind;

  • Best knowledge of the Android OS
  • Experience in applications involving both the mobile and tab devices
  • Capability to transact testing of Androids
  • Upgrading and maintenance of the Android application
  • In hiring the Indian based developers of Android, the different employers will be able to experience certain advantages. Key among them being;

The cost of managing their developers will have been cut by half of what they would have incurred. This is usually by half the actual cost for the virtual employees' firm offers outsourcing services.

The developers are also able to develop the Android application on any platform that may be challenged to.

Explaining the concept of the project they would be employed to do will be easy for the employers. This will be because of the fact that they are verse with the English language.

These are just but tips of the icebergs. Prospect employers are usually able to conduct online interviewing of their candidates of choice. They are then able to supervise and assign their acquired employees from their offshore locations. This is usually possible via the existing technological advancements in India that would facilitate this. The employer will have saved on office space that would have been used to house their newly found employee. With the help of the offshore HR executives, supervision and management will also have been catered for under friendly costs settled upon.

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