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AJAX is a technology that is quite adaptable and is thus preferred by users due to its ability to match changes done on a site to those at the server. This is usually made possible without the user having to keep on refreshing so as to view the changes he or she may have made. It is universal acknowledged as that which helps in saving both precious time plus bandwidth for its users. It is able to accept the transfer and containment of data within the World Wide Web among the users.

The AJAX is a fusion of varied technologies incorporating elements that are as follows;

  • The Java scripts hold everything together
  • XHTML and CSS are used as standard-based presentations
  • Manipulation and interchanging of data using XML and XSLT
  • The document object module is used for dynamic display and interaction.
  • Asynchronous data retrieval using XMLtpp Request
  • These having been stated, there are also the advantages of the AJAX, which are;
  • It saves on time
  • Accelerates speed
  • Being cost effective enable it save on server overheads
  • Increased website usability due to its ability to improve site usage
  • Improved interactivity within web page sites
  • Greater Compatibility between Cross-Browser and Cross- Platform
  • Greater compatibility with any web server and scripting language

The Virtualemployees.com site is one that provides AJAX developers via online means. The firm behind the site is based in India has several benefits over existing alternatives. The key benefit being that since the firm offers outsourcing services; the employers will be able to cut on the actual costs that he or she would have incurred. Other benefits are the likes of;

  • Saving on office space on the employers part
  • Hardware
  • Technical support
  • Commonly available software
  • Infrastructure
  • Employment tax, labour law and insurance.

The AJAX developer from the virtual employees firm is usually equipped to handle projects that are varied which may be inclusive of;

  • Management of projects
  • Data base management
  • Dynamic website development
  • E-commerce shopping cart
  • Web security measure

The technological advancements enable the employers to be able to seek their developers of choice and even interview them online. Once acquired, the employer will get to dictate his or her terms and conditions for which the employee will abide by. The HRs fro the virtual employees firm will also be able to act as the supervisors on behalf of the distant employers.

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